It is estimated that organizations lose about 5% of their revenue due to fraud related activities every year. However the normal external and internal audit functions may not necessarily be able to
uncover areas of fraud due to the fact that fraud by its nature is normally concealed. As a result, most organization gets to detect fraud occurrences when the damage has already been done.
This has resulted to several organizations being victims of fraud despite vibrant internal and external audits throughout the years. Fraud impact negatively to organizations in terms of loss in
profits and affects the reputation of the organizations.
To offer solutions, the firm has developed a product which aims at reducing the occurrence of frauds in organizations.

This is achieved through the following activities among others:

  • Review existing fraud policy (if any) in collaboration with the management and recommend on areas of improvements
  • Fraud risk assessment
  • Establishing fraud prevention and deterrence measures
  • Background checks especially for potential or current employees
  • Creating awareness among employees on fraud through training
  • Conducting tailor made training to audit committees, internal auditors and senior management on how to identify possible signs of fraud among the staff.
  • Offering surprise fraud related audits to organizations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Representing organizations as expert witnesses in courts for fraud cases leading to litigation.
  • Business valuation services